AI can make art now, but artists aren’t afraid

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Artists are least likely to lose their jobs to automation, but what happens when AI-enabled features start painting, editing, and doing other parts of their jobs for them?   The results may be good for artists’ creativity, rather than potential job killers.
The best AI features can assist artists and cut out repetitive tasks, says Tatiana Mejia, who manages Adobe’s AI platform, Sensei. Her assessment comes from a Pfeiffer Consulting study commissioned by Adobe, in which most creatives said they weren’t worried about being replaced by AI, and that they could see the most potential for AI and machine learning applied to tedious, uncreative tasks.  They’ll still require an artist’s control, too. “Creativity is profoundly human,” Mejia says. “AI cannot replace the creative spark.”
Other AI tools could have more dramatic implications for how artists work, like an auto-coloring tool designed for comics and animation. A beta version of Celsys’ manga and illustration software Clip Studio now includes an AI feature that, with just a little guidance from the artist, can automatically color in black-and-white line drawings.
You can read more about AI and Artistic tools here (or click the image above)

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