Amplify Austin Day 2020


Amplify Austin Day 2020 is fast approaching and it’s time for us to get in gear and get it together.  Amplify Austin Day runs from 6:00 PM on March 5th until 6:00 PM March 6th.  Early giving started on January 21st so any donations between now and 6:00 PM March 6th will be counted.


This being our first year to participate, we are holding the first annual fundraising competition.  We are looking for between 6 and 10 teams to join us and help us compete for who can get the most donations online.  Teams can be from 1-5 members and we are trying to get each team to raise $500+.  This is pretty easy with multiple members and here is how you do it:


Register your team and get online before Amplify Austin Day and recruit your online friends through whatever social media you prefer.  See if they are willing to donate anything to help you reach your goal and then see if they can contact their friends and so on.  We plan on having a party during Amplify Austin Day so everyone can get online and work together (or remotely if you wish) to reach your goal and compete for the gold or silver prize.  Once you reach your $500 goal your team is eligible for the prizes offered.


To register your team for the fundraising competition just go to and click on the FUNDRAISE button.  Let me know and I’ll give you a planning packet.  Remember this is a friendly competition for Texas Music Partners and central Texas school kids so the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!


If you don’t want to participate in the fundraising competition you may donate directly on our site using the Austin Amplify Donate button (not PayPal) or clicking on the link above and clicking the donate button anytime between now and 6:00 PM on March 6th.  You may also wait and donate to one of our fundraising teams and help them out.  It all goes to the central Texas school kids!