Anaheim Elementary School District pilots eSports Curriculum




When Cory Robertson was a kid, he would rush home after school and spend the evenings playing The Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers games on his Nintendo gaming console. His parents, like most of those in his generation, insisted that he turn off the games and focus on school; they thought gaming would never lead to a well-paid job. Today, Cory is the Director of Digital Education Services at the Anaheim Elementary School District where he and his team are pioneering the first elementary eSports curriculum in the nation- quite possibly the first in the world.


Most gamers are first exposed to the world of eSports years before they set foot on a college campus, often starting to develop their gaming skills in elementary school. With this context in mind, AESD is now offering the Nurturing Positive Competitors curriculum which, in addition to providing the opportunity to advance their gaming skills, provides students with the framework to explore career opportunities, establish healthy habits, and develop positive citizenship values that are applied in the eSports world and in their daily life.


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