2nd Annual Spring Fling Party


2nd Annual Spring Fling Party


Join us for a relaxing afternoon at Little Woodrow’s, Southpark Meadows from 2-5 pm, for our 2nd Annual Spring Fling Party, benefiting Texas Music Partners!

Little Woodrow’s, Southpark Meadows is at 9500 I-35 #100, Austin, Texas 78748

There will be
– Live Music
– Vendor Booths
– Food
– Face Painting
– Games

This event is family-friendly and dog friendly so bring the whole family for some fun, food and to help a good cause!

More info at https://texasmusicpartners.org

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TMP’s 3rd Annual Summer Facebook Fundraiser! Aug. 3-6

Do you remember a time when music was an integral part of your school life?


Last year, we started our Live Music In The Schools Program which encourages students to try band, orchestra, or choir through live performances by professional musicians.


This FREE program doesn’t just help students appreciate music and learn where their music came from, it encourages students to be creative and try something new!


We do this at no cost to the schools or the students but we need your help!


Won’t you please consider making a modest donation to help us continue to build this valuable program?  Our Summer Facebook Fundraiser is from August 3-6.


100% of your donation goes straight to our cause.

Summer Facebook Fundraiser

Texas Music Partners Working with ACE After-School Program


Student learning on a tablet 01


Texas Music Partners offers 7-8 week after-school programs and we are currently working with AISD’s ACE after-school program.  This school year, TMP is offering courses, at 6 elementary schools, the opportunity to work with TMP and take courses like:

  1. Creating a Digital Collage
  2. How to Create a Podcast
  3. Intro to DJing
  4. Intro to Editing Photos of Musicians


We would like to thank the following schools for allowing us to come in, for the fall semester, and work with their students to help them find a creative passion.

  • Perez Elementary
  • Wooten Elementary
  • Palm Elementary
  • Ortega Elementary


GRAMMY Museum Blends Technology And Music For A Virtual At Home Experience





In the halls of the closed GRAMMY Museum in downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find Michael Jackson’s iconic outfits, albums recorded by the legendary Nat King Cole, and past Grammy Award show performances playing on a loop.


Michael Sticka, the Grammy Museum’s president made a career out of preserving Grammy Awards history.  Sticka’s job relies mostly on technology and art.


Because of the pandemic, these exhibits have been closed to the public for a year now, but Sticka and his team figured out a way for people to learn about music virtually.  Sticka and his team launched a “Museum at Home Experience.” The museum doors may be closed, but their mission is open.  And their virtual initiative has been a success. Sticka says their programs have been streamed more than a million times since they launched it last year.


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School of Rock Method App to Feature RealTime Audio Technology for a Comprehensive Online Lesson Experience




School of Rock, the leader in performance-based music education, has announced the integration of RealTime Audio technology into its School of Rock Method App to improve the experience of online and remote lessons and group rehearsals. The new technology will allow School of Rock to expand upon its Method App, powered by MatchMySound, to offer remote synchronous group performances, a new moderator functionality, and live recording and streaming solutions.


“School of Rock posed a unique challenge, in that it required a real-time solution for its Method App that would work elegantly and efficiently, not just for one-on-one educational purposes, but also for group band practices,” said Taylor Robinson, RealTime Audio CEO. “RealTime Audio solves each of these scenarios, and then some, with its ultra-low latency, Zoom-like webcam technology designed with musicians in mind.”


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Music Education In The Pandemic And Beyond




School budgets have been hit hard in the last decade — and the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t helped matters. Oftentimes, when it comes to prioritizing services and subjects in a budget, one of the first things on the chopping block is music education.


Although music programs have proven benefits, both academic and social, music classes aren’t always available to kids. Sometimes schools can’t — or won’t — pay for them, but lately, some schools say they don’t have the technology or equipment necessary to teach music remotely.


And some educators fear cuts may be coming as we ease out of the pandemic.


Who gets access to music education? Why is teaching kids how to sing and play instruments important? And how are music teachers getting the job done?


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Oakland Musician Finds His Voice in the Talkbox



When Oakland’s Bosko Kante slips what looks like a glowing pair of headphones around his neck, begins tapping on a multi-colored pad on his phone and starts singing in a heavily treated voice that summons the musical ghosts of 1970s funk, it’s hard not to suppress the giant grin that wells up.


Kante is the inventor and chief ambassador of the ElectroSpit talkbox, a piece of hardware that vibrates the throat through an app to create a sound that sort of sounds like a cool singing robot. It’s Kante’s modern version of the classic talkbox used by musicians like Peter Frampton, Stevie Wonder and the late Roger Troutman.


The problem, as Bosko saw it, was the original talkbox was clunky. It required a box connected to a keyboard and the performer to jam a plastic tube in his or her mouth. Kante, a former mechanical engineering student at USC, figured there had to be a way to make it more portable and less invasive.


“We saw the future as being music — professional quality music created with your phone.” Kante said, sitting in an industrial West Oakland that serves as ElectroSpit’s headquarters. “So, we wanted to be part of that future.”


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Cohoes Opens Youth Technology and Music Space



COHOES, N.Y. – Cohoes just opened a new music studio and “connect lab” at the Connect Center for Youth. The city describes them as new spaces for young people to access technology for school work and creative projects.


During the COVID pandemic, a “technology gap” has widened between students of different economic backgrounds, and many middle and high schoolers are trying to learn remotely without inadequate access. The center aims to help bridge the gap in the local community.


The Cohoes Connect Center is opening this academic support space for students without sufficient computer and WiFi access. The music studio is described as a dynamic space with a sound booth for recording music and podcasts.


The opening of the connect lab and music studio completes the first phase of the city’s Connect STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Lab. The next phases will include a technology workshop, media room, commercial kitchen classroom, and recreation space.


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Torrington Company Brings Back Live Music Experience Via Technology




It has been a terrible time for musicians, music venues, and music lovers ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started last year.  Musicians all across the country can no longer play live to large audiences  And if they do play live, it’s usually to a very small group.


RecordME, based in Torrington, is offering musicians the technology and the know-how for live virtual concerts.  These virtual concerts replicate in-person performances.  With virtual arenas for audiences, this is a way for musicians to sell tickets online.


“Musicians are dying for an opportunity like this,” RecordME founder John Fiorello said in an interview with The Winsted Phoenix. “A lot of musicians’ incomes are dependent on performing.  The pandemic has affected them both financially and emotionally.”


Fiorello said that a musician who wants to take part in a RecordMe event does not have to be a “techie” to operate the company’s technology.


“This technology will allow smaller venues to attract a wider audience that is beyond their geographical reach,” he said.  “It will give performers a wider audience. With our technology, people will still feel like they are attending an event.  But now they can be with their friends from places around the world.”


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Sisters With Transistors – Pioneers Of Electronic Music



In a film by Lorie Anderson, Ms. Anderson celebrates the achievements of early women pioneers of electronic music, like Daphne Oram.  Ms. Oram worked for the BBC in the 1940s and began manipulating sounds that were recorded on magnetic tape.  Other women pioneers include Delia Deryshire and Wendy Carlos. Ms. Dershire crafted sounds for BBC programs.  The most famous being the theme for Dr. Who, which debuted in 1963.  Ms. Carlos advised Robert Moog on the design of his first keyboard-based modular synthesizer.


Having premiered at SXSW in 2020, Sisters with Transistors has screened at prestigious U.S. and international festivals, including Sundance and the AFI. It is slated for national release on virtual cinema platforms early this spring.


Having premiered at SXSW in 2020, Sisters with Transistors has screened at prestigious U.S. and international festivals.  The festivals included Sundance and the AFI. It is projected to be released nationally on virtual cinema platforms early this spring.


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