-Nurturing creativity will help build a strong future workforce-

In the same way that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is fast becoming part of our everyday language, STEAM, which is the integration of STEM and Art, is also rapidly expanding, bringing new opportunities for learners to express their creativity while also learning technical skills. Like STEM education, STEAM education approaches a problem from multiple perspectives with the goal of finding the best solution.


There are many possible STEM and art connections to explore: music can be used to teach math, dance can be used to teach the physics of motion, and painting can be used to teach chemistry. By infusing elements of art and design into STEM, STEAM fosters creativity and innovation, which are the building blocks for entrepreneurship and help fuel new business growth.


STEAM education has been shown to generate interest in learning among students who may not initially be drawn to math and science. In my own work as an educator, it is not unusual to hear a young person say, “I am not a math person,” even though math is all around them and is fundamental to the technology they use every day. STEAM is important because it can engage and motivate students to learn by presenting information in a fun way.


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