Elk Audio’s Aloha Service Launches To Improve Remote Music Jams, Collaboration, Education




Audio technology company Elk Audio announced a new service today called Aloha designed to make it easier for musicians to remotely play together from hundreds of miles, while also powering remote production, collaboration and education from even greater distances.


Three major mobile companies – Verizon, Vodafone and Ericsson – have been involved in Aloha’s development over the past couple of years, because of the service’s potential as a way to drive value for users of 5G-capable mobile phones as well as high-speed broadband networks.


“The goal was to create the possibility for musicians to play together, to have some sort of audio platform for musicians, where they became another piece of the Internet of Things ecosystem,” said Elk Audio founder and CEO Michele Benincaso, who is based in Stockholm, Sweden. “We have musicians playing together with over 1,000 miles distance in between. It’s basically science fiction.”


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