Ellie Goulding’s ‘Brightest Blue’ Further Demonstrates Emerging XR Technology




Ellie Goulding’s recent YouTube performances of songs from her latest album, Brightest Blue, demonstrates emerging XR “mixed reality” technology in a stunning fashion. Mixed reality combines live performance and computer-generated virtual imagery to augment and enhance the live performances of musicians, dancers, and other performers. Goulding’s XR-enhanced performances during the launch of her new album have so far included Brightest Blue and New Heights, which were both directed by Giorgio Testi.


The performances feature Goulding performing on a stage with live off-stage musical accompaniment while surrounded by evocative visual imagery. The aesthetic stands out for its subtlety and excellent, cohesive art direction. The beauty of the technology is that the videos are uncannily somewhere between ordinary reality and the type of CGI that viewers are accustomed to seeing within heavily edited videos.


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