Engineering a New Way to Experience Music




For the last four years, Daniel Belquer has been working on a device that translates live music for people who can’t hear.


While most people consider music an auditory experience, Belquer, who completed his Master’s thesis on listening, had already been toying with the physical aspects of sound, even building glass speakers to incorporate vibration into his music compositions.


Not Impossible Labs, an LA-based social innovation company, wanted him to take that experience to the next level. They wanted him to help translate the joy of rocking out to a live band into a physical experience for the Deaf community. To do so, Belquer has delved deep into the world of sound and vibrations, worked closely with members of the Deaf community and conducted hundreds upon hundreds of user tests.


Last year, Belquer and his team unveiled the latest prototype of its Music: Not Impossible vibratory wearable. The system connects to the soundboard through a long-range radio signal, and then translates the music into a series of vibrating pulses sent to 24 points across the body, creating a “surround-body-experience.”


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