Expert Weighs In On The Future Of Music Education In An Online Age




The sounds of school will change when music students return to learn this year.


One expert says students are more ready than ever to take their tunes online.


“What that’s going to do is break down the barriers that we have had about fear of technology and the idea of performance,” said Christopher Cayari, assistant professor of music education at Purdue University.


Music-making research, projects, technologies and literacy usually occurs within three dispositions:

  1. Do-it-yourself
  2. Do-it-with-others
  3. Do-it-for-others


“We’re used to selfies now. We’re used to holding a camera up and taking a picture of ourselves. We’re used to taking videos of ourselves and putting them on Snapchat, on Facebook, on YouTube,” Cayari told KATU News. “That makes it so there’s less of a barrier for students when they start to make music and record themselves.”


The lack of in-person music education in the fall could still put a burden on the development of children.


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