From Market To Entertainment: How Technology Bridges Creativity With Innovation




The way technology is defined today often flies in the face of previous eras’ definition of the term. For instance, the phonograph was a technological innovation once upon a time that today is viewed as more mechanical than technological simply because analog creations are often disregarded as part of that larger agglomeration of technology. So to enter into the frame the innovations of multitrack recording, the electric guitar, the synthesizer, auto-tune and MIDI controller which are widely part of both electronic and analog music today.


What we take as technological advancements in music, however, are often rooted in business and scientific innovations that have been adapted for creative markets or that are found to be as useful inside business as much as they are outside. What marks the place of music in new technology, however, is often how certain companies are themselves opening up to new markets such as Sony’s recent debut of speakers that can imitate a live concert and Apple’s letting go of its closed-loop software which for years notoriously refused to allow competitors to integrate their technology with Apple’s.

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