Guildford Based Music Company Launches Free Learning Resource Team Tutti




A Guildford-based company, M:Tech Education, has created a free interactive learning resource called ‘Team Tutti’ that is available to all schools and children immediately.


Hoping to encourage creativity and support music education for children in KS2 during this challenging period, Team Tutti is a self-guided learning experience using animated characters to deliver fun and engaging lesson content whilst promoting a deep dive into composition and technology.


Presented in a series of weekly modules, it aims to deliver a combination of musical concepts, creative challenges and an interactive quiz to assess learning. As the lessons progress, the content becomes more challenging.


The Team Tutti team is available to answer questions via its parent-guided teacher chat feature.  Children can take advantage of the interactive features including videos, animations, audio buttons and the sketchpad sequencer to explore new and exciting music topics.


Weekly lessons discuss musical concepts including…rhythm, tempo, texture, timbre, harmony, melody, pitch, dynamics, structure and basic musical notation.


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