Hillel’s Tech Corner: It’s Like Music To Global Ears




I think we can all agree that one thing we can use more of in our lives right now is music. Thanks to services like YouTube and Spotify, we have more music at our fingertips than ever before and that’s great. A Tel Aviv-based start-up called JoyTunes wants to take it one step further.


While we are all mostly stuck at home or at the very least, spending significantly more time in our homes due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, JoyTunes offers a platform that uses cutting-edge technology we will get into later to help you learn to play a musical instrument.


The company has developed multiple applications for learning and practicing music: one for self-learning, another for use by music teachers in training students, while a third offers music learning for toddlers. The company recently launched a guitar-learning app, currently only available on Apple devices. The apps turn learning to play musical instruments into an intuitive, “gamified” experience. The system detects playing and provides instant feedback.


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