How Tech Can Keep Virtual Music Class Pitch Perfect




In K-12 music classes and performances may look different this fall, but creativity and music-making technology will mean classes won’t be silenced, one expert says.


“There are so many online tools out there that music educators can use to bring students together during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Christopher Cayari, assistant professor of music education in the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance at Purdue University.


“One option is for programs to host online concerts or performances through the recording and mixing of virtual ensembles and individual performances,” Cayari says.


Platforms like Soundtrap by Spotify and Protools are great resources for sound editing. Other software like Flipgrid and Adobe Premiere do video editing, while Acapella by PicPlayPost and BandLab are compilation apps available for mobile devices to create musical productions amid the pandemic.


Cayari encourages music educators to experiment with these kinds of software to make music with their students, and the skills they develop while distance learning can then be carried into physical classrooms after the pandemic is over.


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