Learning the Guitar Made Easier Through Gamification



Like any skill worth having, learning a musical instrument takes time, effort and plenty of practice but it is fair to say that those who persist are well rewarded.  The benefits of music go well beyond the obvious – both children and adults also see improvement in areas such as concentration, memory and self-confidence.


The challenge for teachers is to keep students enjoying their classes and practicing in order to unlock these big wins and this is where technology can play a key role.


Music has been taught in a very traditional fashion for a very long time and there can be quite a degree of resistance to change when it comes to new teaching methods.


You only have to look at the early success of the Guitar Hero video game to see how motivating it can be to turn guitar music into a game. It’s a fact that humans love to play, love to win and learn better when doing so.  So how are guitar schools using this technology to good effect?


At The Guitar Dojo in South Morang gamified learning is being utilized in-class for general music studies and also during practice time at home.  The highly visual nature adds another fun angle to the learning process for topics such as rhythm and ear training and their interactive practice app helps to motivate and support students as they learn.


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