Minnesota Rock Camp Focuses on Getting More Girls Into Studio Technology



Laura Tahja Johnson of Brooklyn Park was driving her second-grader Niko home from She Rock She Rock music camp years ago when suddenly a little voice piped up from the back seat.


“ ‘Mom, do you wanna know what we did today? We ripped up stereotypes,’ ” Johnson recalled Niko saying. “They literally ripped up magazines of female stereotypes and talked about that sort of empowerment. That’s when I knew that this camp was definitely a good thing.”


Niko and twin sister Ellie Johnson, who both just completed eighth grade, will return to She Rock camp this summer — the seventh consecutive year for Niko, sixth for Ellie — with a major twist. The sessions will be virtual due to COVID-19, and the focus will be on studio technology instead of rocking out on guitars, drums and other analog instruments.


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