Music.iLuv Launches Augmented-Reality Social Musical App to Help Kids Learn



Music.iLuv, the brainchild of powerhouse female entrepreneurs, Melody Khair and Moji Ghodousi, announces the launch of its new mobile augmented-reality (AR) social musical application that enhances kids’ learning, creativity, problem-solving skills, musicality, and real-life interactions.


“Essentially, the Music.iLuv app solves the lack-of-focus problem plaguing digital-age kids when it comes to any subjects they find hard and requires a lot of practice, including music. That mindset is what leads them to drop out of music under the false assumption that they are not talented enough,” said Khair.


How it works: Users can choose a song from Music.iLuv’s song library (popular songs licensed), add their own song and music sheet with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, or even create a song using Music.iLuv. Then, they can practice the song in a fun and engaging environment, where they get “live” and immediate feedback on note and timing mistakes.  As kids use the app, they get rewarded for their song creation or practice in the form of virtual coins. The coins can then be redeemed to purchase a wide variety of musical digital-goods from the app’s AR store…


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