Music Teacher Turns Sixth Graders Into Podcasters




Compared to most people, Jake Lorefice was one New York University music technology master’s degree more prepared to roll with the pandemic’s punches and modify the Montauk School’s music program, setting his sixth graders up for podcasting success.

Students’ Chromebooks came to the rescue with “really wonderful software” that Mr. Lorefice was familiar with thanks to his degree. After doing a piano lab with mini desktop keyboards that plugged into the Chromebooks, he turned his sixth graders’ attention to podcasting, which required only a microphone plug-in.

What his students came up with was “next level, you would never expect it,” he said. He was wowed by how his students wielded their autonomy. “I just gave them the prompt and let them go. Explain something that kids understand, but adults don’t.”


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