New High School Course to Explore Architecture and Music




Yin Yu, a media arts and technology Ph.D. student at UCSB, has designed a pre-college class entitled “In the Digital Age — Experiencing Architecture and Music Through STEM” that she will be teaching this summer. The class intends to break down the barriers between art and science for high school students.


Yu and other UCSB’s media arts and technology (MAT) graduate students push towards creating synergy between art and technology. Due to the diverse influences on the MAT curriculum, the program has replaced the term STEM with the term THEMAS (Technology, Humanity, Engineering, Mathematics, Art, and Science).


Some educational institutions, such as the Rhode Island School of Design, have adjusted terminology to add art to the STEM curriculum, replacing the term STEM with STEAM (STEM + Art). However, UCSB’s MAT program goes one step further.


After gaining interdisciplinary teaching experiences, Yu decided to create her own class based on her specific interests within THEMAS — architecture and music. She will use these understandings to teach her four-week summer course that is designed for high school students.


This is a very exciting project because it loosely parallels what Texas Music Partners is doing but they are starting at a high school level where we are starting at the elementary school level and going up from there.


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