Kids find passions at Arts and Science Day



This is a day when art and science come together, instead of just sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture, students stroll through all plants and flowers growing in front of their school. They clipped the ones that struck their fancy and collected them to make sun prints.  At another school,  students get hands-on learning of the and science behind ice cream, jazz, wrestling, insects, magic, fiber optics, mask-making, marine animals and more during the school’s annual Arts and Science Day.

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Music Also Matters In The Real World




This Canadian author talks about how in junior high school, band helped his development as an adolescent even though he didn’t end up playing music as a profession.  He talks about how music is being undervalued by many students, parents and administrators, and how it may be on the verge of extinction.  He cites a recent comprehensive meta-study which clearly shows that fine arts education positively influences child development.  There are many anecdotes by school kids about how band is helping shape them by letting them be themselves and opening their minds.


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TMP Newsletter, November 2018

Thank You To All Who Attended A Taste of Autumn!


Texas Music Partners would like to thank all our guests and volunteers who supported us by attending the Taste of Autumn food tasting event and silent auction fundraiser on November 4th.  We had a lot of fun trying the different foods, bidding on auction items and listening to the fantastic sounds of the Jazz Daddies featuring Patton Elementary’s own Art Martinez on tenor sax and flute.  There was a special appearance by Mike Melinger from the Austin Jazz Workshop on soprano sax.

Thanks to our guests, we brought in enough money to fund 240 students for our Music and Technology and Thinking Out of the Box courses! For more information on these courses feel free to check out the course info here.

See pictures of the evening, click here.  Photos by Katelyn Miller, a very smart and creative 8th grader!


TMP Wishes Everyone a Rockin’ Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and TMP wishes everyone a fun-filled and relaxing break.  We at Texas Music Partners are thankful for the opportunity to partner with our central Texas schools to help kids find out how to combine music and technology to keep creativity in their lives.



Thank you to Vicky Felton, Randy Larkin, Elizabeth Osborne, Leslie and Miriam Ellison, Monica Canestaro-Darby and Lahoma Dade for your generous donations.

Thank you Brenda Ladd Studios, Cindy Hallett of Stand in the Light, Ann Blasdel, Jennifer Aaron Fine Arts, Noble Sandwich Co, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Tom’s Dive & Swim and Tyson Fundraising for your donations to our silent auction.

Thanks to My Thai Mom and Garbo’s Lobster for your donation of food to A Taste of Autumn.  You made this event!

Thank you to Niki Lassiter, Cookie Felton Juan Hernandez, Linda Huynh, Stephanie Ann Kong, Chris Kelly, Christina Franklin, Des Delgado and Emma McNamara, our volunteers whose hard work made A Taste of Autumn a real success.



Please help

It costs $8.40 for a student to take a class through Texas Music Partners.  Your assistance means we can come into the schools without charging them and make a greater impact on students who need this the most.


If you would like to help by donating time, please consider volunteering as a Board member or a committee member.  If interested, please contact us here.



5 Ways New Technology is Innovating the Art World



Whether art imitates life or life imitates art, technology plays a prominent role in the modern forms of both things. Technology is an increasingly pervasive part of our lives, and it’s having a growing impact on the art world.   Five ways technology is innovating art: Tech is a Tool for Making Art, Sometimes, Tech is the Art, Tech is Expanding Access to Art, Tech Is Helping People Enjoy Art, Tech Is Helping Us Understand How We Experience Art.  To read more click here or the image above and learn about tech innovating art.

An Innovative Blended Learning Program Is Bringing Music Education to Detroit Youth




Detroit has long been home to one of the richest music scenes in the United States. From Jazz to electronic music, the city has turned out some of the nation’s most well-known musicians, DJs, and music producers. Unfortunately, it is also a city that has long suffered from urban decay, high unemployment, and low high school performance and retention rates. As part of an innovative program, the renowned Berklee College of Music, University of Michigan, and Coursera are now teaming up to help the Detroit-based Making It Happen Foundation help more youth prepare for careers in Detroit’s legendary music industry.


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Robust arts curricula encourage students to pursue careers in the field





Kevin Lane gives his students an opportunity he never had as a child: recording music in a studio at Woodstation Elementary School in Rock Spring, Ga.


Educators say technology is making music production more reachable for students by letting schools adopt iPads, for example, instead of expensive recording equipment.


Schools are eager to show students what their lives could look like after graduation. Plenty of programs offer hands-on learning lessons and engage with community groups and workplaces to help children develop skills they may need when they finish their educations. These programs, however, tend to lean toward academic abilities, particularly those around STEM subjects.


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Full STEAM ahead: Students put science, technology skills to the test


When are we going to use this in real life?

It’s a question that’s been echoed by schoolchildren nationwide, that in the past may have left teachers stumped.  Middle-schoolers from seven central and northern New Jersey districts gathered to put their science, technology, engineering, art, and math, or STEAM, skills to the test in a competition that relied on education, teamwork, time management, and trial-and-error.  To read more (and see a video of this in action) click here or the image above.

Music Video Made by Strangers Across the Globe Shows How Technology Can Be Used For Good In The World




Cameron Brown’s goal was to show that when used purposefully, technology can speed up our creativity, innovation and impact in the world, but rather than just talking about it on stage at Italy’s TEDx event, he wanted to show the audience how it can be done.  So, for 4 months leading up to the talk, he secretly worked with more than 80 people from 40 countries around the world—from Jordan to Macedonia, Venezuela to Japan to create a music video.


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