Making Music with the Mind’s Brain Waves



It won’t be long before anyone will be able to make music by just thoughts, and/or body movements.  Knowing how to play an instrument now is not needed, if you understand computer music software.  Someday, even the computer may not be needed.  Ladies and gentlemen … (drum roll) … I give you The Encephalophone!


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How art enhances the STEM field



Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workers help drive U.S. competitiveness by generating new ideas and starting new companies.   The U.S. Department of Commerce defines STEM industries to include core occupations in the hard sciences, engineering, and mathematics. A 2015 study identified 8.6 million STEM jobs comprising 6.2 percent of U.S. employment. This study also predicts most types of STEM jobs will expand faster than all occupations until 2024, with 73 percent of STEM job growth occurring in computer occupations.

Educators and policymakers are taking notice, reformulating curricula and directing resource and policymakers in  STEM education. So how do the arts fit into the equation, or do they? According to a recently published article , one of the four major classroom trends in 2018 is the continued growth of STEAM — the idea of incorporating art into STEM education.

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Young Guru to Speak at SXSW to Discuss How Music Is a Gateway to Technology for Young People




Usually, we save Tech-Arts Tuesday to post until Tuesday morning, but since this event is happening Tuesday morning, we thought we’d better post it early.  This is a must-see talk with the legendary Young Guru.

GRAMMY award-winning sound engineer Young Guru is speaking at SXSW in a session entitled Music Tech: A Gateway to Awaken America’s Youth on March 13 from 11am-12pm CT at the Austin Convention Center, Room 12AB.


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Students see benefits to using SmartPhones in the classroom



Allowing students to use their smartphones in the classroom is a controversial topic, and some instructors (and universities) have banned the devices from class—or, at the very least, closely monitor their usage.   However, smartphones in the classroom can be used to make teaching more engaging and interactive. So, rather than banning smartphones, some academic institutions are looking at ways of incorporating them into the curriculum to provide a better learning environment. Read more here.

Combining Music and Technology to Empower Learning



What happens when you combine the elements of technology and music to engage children in math? Whether it’s learning the multiplication table or solving algebra equations, what if you give children with low engagement and attainment a helping hand by bringing programmable robots into the classroom?


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Help Texas Music Partners Help Our School Kids


Amplify Austin and Amplify Austin Day are produced by I Live Here I Give Here, whose mission is to cultivate the power of giving back.  This year Texas Music Partners is happy to be included in this period of giving.


Texas Music Partners is a nonprofit dedicated to partnering with Central Texas learning institutions to show students how to combine creativity, technology, and music through education and performance.


Texas Music Partners is currently in need of purchasing 20 refurbished smartphones, protective cases, and a carrying case to bring to our classes so students can team up 2 to a phone and learn to do these projects in class. Your help would be greatly appreciated in helping Texas Music Partners by clicking on the link below and donating $5, $10, $25, or more so we can help instill a passion in these children who can go on to become the next generation of performers, engineers, software developers, videographers, photographers, producers, etc.


Our goal is $2,800 and you can give between now and March 31st.


Click on or on the top icon to make a donation


Thank you for your time and I hope you will consider helping Texas Music Partners help our school kids!


How will Blockchain Technology Affect the Art World

Innovations in technology have always resulted in changes in the way art is created and presented. Woven canvas resulted in mobile paintings, photography allowed for abstract compositions, electric light brought new ideas in color theory and now Blockchain technology is inspiring digital works.

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‘Music Tech Studio’ at Solomon Schechter Day School Enhances Music Education




The ‘Music Tech Studio’ experience at West Hartford’s Solomon Schechter Day School integrates musical and technology-based skills and encourages collaboration.


Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Hartford is continuing to bolster its focus on 21st century education and encouraging students to embrace wonder with its “Music Tech Studio.” The course is a hybrid of music and technology that promotes a variety of skills that range from industry-focused knowledge to peer-to-peer learning.


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Technology and art: Engineering the future

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Think art. What comes to mind? Maybe Picasso, Rodin, Dali.

Now think technology – and you’ll probably imagine a smartphone or a computer.

Today, these two seemingly distinct disciplines are interlinked more than ever, with technology being a fundamental force in the development and evolution of art

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