Jackson Browne to Receive Les Paul Innovation Award at 33rd Annual NAMM TEC Awards


The NAMM Foundation has announced that singer-songwriter Jackson Browne will receive the prestigious Les Paul Innovation Award at the 33rd Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards (NAMM TEC Awards), being held Saturday, January 27, 2018, in Anaheim, CA. The award is given on behalf of the Les Paul Foundation to honor individuals that have set the highest standards of excellence in the creative application of recording technology in the spirit of the famed audio pioneer, inventor and musician, Les Paul.

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The Convergence of Big Emerging Tech And Music

Music has been the conduit of the rapid awareness and adoption of a variety of new technology over the years. The intricate and magnetic relationship between artist and fan is like almost nothing else in the world, thus the emotion coupled with the consumption behavior around music has contributed to it being one of the most powerful means to disseminate or leverage new technology.

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Luke Skywalker’s Bionic Hand? Artificial Hand Uses Ultrasound for Individual Finger Control


It appears to be a device right out of a Star Wars movie and like the technology in the movies, it reaps the same fantastic results.


Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have engineered an ultrasonic sensor that allows amputees the ability to individually control each of their prosthetic fingers.

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The Art of Thinking Like a Scientist


Through the arts, students learn to observe, visualize, manipulate materials, and develop the creative confidence to imagine new possibilities. These skills and competencies are also essential to scientific thinking and provide a strong argument for transforming STEM education by integrating the arts.

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Step Inside the Tech Graveyard of 2017




From six seconds of video bliss on Vine to the nostalgia of coming home from school every day and getting on AOL instant messenger, 2017 was the end of an era for some technology favorites.

Cue the sad violin music as we take a look back at some of the technology staples we lost in 2017.

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Tech-Arts Tuesday Coming January 2nd!


Starting January 2nd Texas Music Partners is starting a new series called Tech-Arts Tuesday. Every Tuesday we feature an article, news event, or something interesting dealing with technology and the arts, or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). We hope you stay tuned every Tuesday for these interesting posts.


Introducing 12 Year-Old Blues Virtuoso, Toby Lee

Toby Lee is a 12 year-old blues guitar virtuoso from the UK.  The following description is from his website: His love of Blues and Rock was apparent right from the start with a variety of riffs by Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore and BB King often heard coming from his bedroom.


He joined the local Rock School – The Witchwood School of Rock – and under the guidance of teacher Aldie Chalmers, Toby’s playing went from strong to stronger.


More on Toby Lee at http://www.tobylee.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/tobyleeguitar/.  To listen to the above performance click here, or on the photo.