Music & Technology: Creating “big, beautiful things”

Senior Garrett Parrish combines art and technology, with dramatic effects.

“Part of my enjoyment comes from building things with [my] hands and being able to actually work in the physical world, and by studying mechanical engineering you get an invaluable understanding of how the physical world works,” senior Garrett Parrish says.  Click here for article.



Our Free Offer Still Stands for the 2017-18 School Year


Since Texas Music Partners is a pending 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we never charge schools for our courses, but we do need to have them funded to offer them.  Right now we are working hard to get full funding to be able to offer all courses to those who can benefit from them, but in the meantime, see our free offer, below:


FREE OFFER:  Until we get funded, TMP is offering one free course per school, per year.  Eligible courses include all courses in the Technology and Music, and Thinking Outside the Box categories (sorry, but the live music portion is not available until we are funded).  These courses include up to 4 in-school classes in one day, during the school day, or one class after school.  Eligible schools include all ISD, Charter, and Private schools in Travis County, Round Rock, and Hays County.

Eligible grades: see Target Audience in the class description of each course.


Contact us here to schedule, or for more information.


Music Technology In The Classroom

From our Newsletter: April 2017

With all the new software being created to assist students in learning more efficiently while having fun, music education has not been left out.  This article, written by Dr. Kirk Kassner discusses how music educators and their students benefit from the use of music teaching software, such as Music Ace Maestro to drive home the fundamentals of music.  You can read the article here.


Austin Music Partners Has a New Name!


Austin Music Partners is filing for 501(c)(3) non-profit status, so we can bring our courses to the schools at no cost to them.  In the process of doing this, we had to change our name.  We are now Texas Music Partners.  Still the same organization with the same goals, we just have a little different name.


In the next few weeks, we will be making the necessary changes and the website will become  You can still access the website with our old URL, for a while, but the new URL will be our permanent one.

Attempting to Defund the NEA

About once a month we send out a newsletter to people responsible for educating our kids. We would also like to post the articles here, on our News page, to let everyone stay up to date on trends and relevant information.  If you would be interested in receiving our newsletter, feel free to sign up at the bottom of the page.


From our Newsletter: March 2017

With the White House attempting to reduce funding to education and eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), now more than ever is the time to show how the decline of the arts can mean the decline of American innovators and innovative thinking. Please take a look at this short article by George Szekely.  George Szekely is a professor and area head of art education at the University of Kentucky. His article is called: Speaking Out: The Decline of Art Means the Decline of Future Innovators. Click on the article’s title to read it.

Sights set on 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status. Until Then, FREE Course Offered


Well, we are doing it!  Austin Music Partners is in the process of filing for 501(c)3 status to become a nonprofit.  That means once we are approved and get funding, schools can just contact us and book a course.  That is until our funding is used up for that year (first come, first serve).



Until we get our non-profit status and get funding, AMP is offering one free course per school, per year.  This course includes up to 4 in-school classes in one day, during the school day, or one class after school.  Eligible schools include all ISD, Charter, and Private schools in the Travis, Round Rock, Hays, San Marcos, Eanes (Westlake)  and Lake Travis districts.  Eligible grades: see Target Audience in the class description, on the Products page.


For a list of courses, click here.  The only limitation is that we can offer the history of the blues course, but unfortunately, we cannot do a live performance until we get funding.