Texas Music Partners offers a variety of courses that will get each student’s creative thought process started.


Since Texas Music Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we never charge schools for our courses during the school year, unless the district requires it, but we do need to have them funded to offer them.  Right now we are working hard to get full funding to be able to offer all courses to those who can benefit from them, so some of these programs and courses may be available soon or limited, as noted.

If you believe in our mission, visit our How to Help page to see how you help advance our mission.


School Partnering Program

Parents, Enroll Your Kids in Technology & Music at Home

Technology and Music

Live Music in Schools (limited dates available) 

Thinking Outside the Box


Online Course Scheduling Form for individual classes

School Partnering Program Signup Sheet

Technology and Music at Home Signup Sheet