Elementary School Program

Elementery Partnering Program

Required Courses

STEAM Courses


During or after school (2 days a week for 8 weeks)

Days: M/W, or T/Th

(Pick 2 4-week courses)

  1. How to Make a Digital Collage with a Tablet, I (music themed)
  2. How to Make a Podcast – I (music themed) Coming this fall
  3. Intro to Editing Photographs of Musicians
  4. Intro to Being a DJ Using a Tablet


Live Music In The Schools


45 minutes each.  In-school only, for grades 3 and higher (limited dates available)

During School (2 classes)

  • Live Music in the Schools Workshop
  • Live performance for all students grades 3-5


Optional Courses

STEAM Courses

During School (1 class)

Great for music or art class!

(Pick 1 or both)


Thinking Outside the Box


During School

  • Breaking Down Large Projects (grades 5 and up)

This is a great class for 5th-grade students who are faced with a large project but don’t know how to approach it.


Program cost:  ~$3,000

School cost = $0


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