Creating a Digital Collage with a Tablet II

(Technology, Digital Media (photographs), Music theme)Collage of giant women at a beach

Recommended Audience: grades 6-8

Class Size: around 15 students

Offered: in-school or after school

Duration: Eight classes, two days a week (4 weeks)

Prerequisites: None


Who doesn’t like making a collage?  It’s creative, expressive and you get to experiment.  Creating a Digital Collage with a Tablet II teaches students how and when collages started, in the analog world before computers. We then show how collages made the jump to the digital world.  Students learn about different types of collages and experiment with creating them using a variety of pictures of bands, musicians, portraits of musicians, etc.  The different types of collages students will be introduced to are:

  1. Grid Collages
  2. Classic Collages
  3. A collection of pictures with a theme
  4. A collage within a picture
  5. Hockney Collages
  6. Abstract/Surreal Collages


Creating a Digital Collage with a Tablet II – is about how to use the tablet and the Pic Collage app.  The students will learn the basics by using pictures to put together different types of collages, adding text, stickers, and backgrounds. They will also learn how to edit, crop, cut, and duplicate photos to make more interesting and outrageous collages.  Students then learn how to use the tools in Pic Collage for other things like creating ads and posters.


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