Intro to Editing Photographs of Musicians

(Technology, Digital Media – photography)

Child in glasses on a tablet

Recommended Audience: 4th – 6th grade

Class size: About 15 students

Offered: In-school, or after school

Duration: Eight 45-60 minute sessions (twice a week for 4 weeks)

Prerequisites: Taking Powerful Photos of Musicians




In this course, students will learn the basics of photo editing techniques using a smartphone/tablet.  This course is to let students explore how to edit photographs, see the before and after results and start getting them interested in photographing and editing photos of musicians, which is the focus of our next course.


In this course the student will learn:

  • A brief history of photography
  • Cropping photos
  • Rotate a photo
  • Lighten and darken photos
  • Adding text to photos
  • Changing a color photo to black & white
  • Saving your work


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