Results of TMP’s Facebook Fundraiser, 2020

As we’ve said before: We can’t do this without you!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this our best fundraiser to date!  With your help, we are a big step closer to getting our Live Music in the Schools program off the ground.  See below to check out our results.

If you would like to help by purchasing some items directly, check out our moving forward page here.


Thank You:

Aaron Holtzman GenoGottschall Phil Greer
Barbara Bonneau Geronimo Sabat Randy Larkin
Beverly Milosevic Jan Aldridge-Clark Robert Puig
Bob Lauck Jason Miller Shadt Skawratananond
Braden Busch Jim Gillentine Sharon R. Coleman
Carl Victorius Joe McCreary Shawn Ellison
Chris Bennett Judy Nolen Shelli Grissom
Collin Camacho-Dicks Kirk Ross Stuart Sullivan
Craig Dalton Linda Robinson Barr Susan Bollinger
Dave Pavolka Melody Fox Tamara Harper Shetron
David Perkoff Michael Ruiz Todd Herreman
Diana Mullins Mike Dubose Tom Wells
Don Mineo Miriam Sosewitz Toni Hernandez
Eric Gaeta Nancy Glass
Frank Haney Neil Sharrow