School of Rock Method App to Feature RealTime Audio Technology for a Comprehensive Online Lesson Experience




School of Rock, the leader in performance-based music education, has announced the integration of RealTime Audio technology into its School of Rock Method App to improve the experience of online and remote lessons and group rehearsals. The new technology will allow School of Rock to expand upon its Method App, powered by MatchMySound, to offer remote synchronous group performances, a new moderator functionality, and live recording and streaming solutions.


“School of Rock posed a unique challenge, in that it required a real-time solution for its Method App that would work elegantly and efficiently, not just for one-on-one educational purposes, but also for group band practices,” said Taylor Robinson, RealTime Audio CEO. “RealTime Audio solves each of these scenarios, and then some, with its ultra-low latency, Zoom-like webcam technology designed with musicians in mind.”


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