Soundtrap for Education and FutureDJs Inspire Kids to Take DJ-ing and Music Production Beyond the Classroom




Soundtrap, a Spotify company, and FutureDJs, a company igniting students’ passion for music, are partnering to help nourish the future careers of budding musicians. Combining Soundtrap for Education’s easy-to-use online music and audio creation platform with FutureDJs’ music production and DJ-ing programs will help students create, record and save their best creations.


Soundtrap for Education and FutureDJs are teaming to offer music programs and instruction that will give students in years 7-12 one-on-one or paired lessons covering the music essentials that form part of a GCSE in Music, including such important elements as timbre, keys and scales, arrangement, composition and ensemble. Together, these companies will visit UK schools to help students identify and refine their best creations and turn them into high-quality online music. They also hope to nurture students and inspire them to extend their talent beyond the classroom by now having access to tools required for professional-level music production and composition.


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