Start-up of the Day: Helping the Brain via Music



Music is one of the oldest art forms known by humankind. While it might be difficult, maybe impossible, to know how prehistoric music sounded, we do know it was around. Throughout history, it has been used for entertainment, magic, rituals and religion among many other functional and non-functional practices. The Spanish start-up Sancal Method (Método Sáncal) is using music as a tool for developing cognitive abilities.


The powerful effect that music is able to have on the brain is well-known. For example, music can help with memory, pain reduction or stress relief. Although music goes beyond the act of just listening; playing it also counts. This young start-up is working under the principle that learning to play a musical instrument is one activity that can have the biggest impact on our brain. As such, it has the power to develop and strengthen the brain. This might not represent anything new on its own. Yet when it is combined with the digital technology developed by the start-up, it is possible to not only track cognitive development of people through music, but also to help those suffering from cognitive disorders or diseases that affect these functions, e.g. cancer.


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