Sunhouse Wants To Empower Musicians With AI




Much of the technology built for music creators in the last 30 years hasn’t been made with the musician in mind – unless you’re thinking about DJ’s or producers. If you’re a drummer, guitarist or a flautist, there are limited tools available that speak the unique musical language you may have already learned with the mastery of your instrument.


Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) do exist in music, however, many are focused on automation, not collaboration. PopGun, a venture-funded startup uses AI to aid in pop music songwriting, while Ampr, another company in the space focuses on music solutions at an enterprise level generating content for film and commercial work.


One company started by musicians and technologists is creating AI tools to empower musicians, not replace them – starting with drummers as the entry point. Sunhouse, started by 3 Chicanx siblings from Los Angeles are using their experience as outsiders to welcome musicians into the fold.


The Sunhouse trio, Tlacael, Tenoch and Tonantzin Esparza founded the company in 2015 via Kickstarter. After raising over $94k in less than one month, the team began production of their first product, Sensory Percussion – a machine learning-based system turning drum sets into entire production suites. Players for Maroon 5, Herbie Hancock, Panic at the Disco, Common, and Nas now use Sensory Percussion for touring, composing and jamming.


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