Super Hi-Fi Is Reshaping The Sound Of Streaming With AI




On many digital music services, transitions between songs can vacillate between two unpleasant extremes: ear-splitting ads, and seconds of sterile silence. Some of the world’s best-known media and entertainment brands are calling on Super Hi-Fi, a Los Angeles-based artificial intelligence company, to solve this problem.


Super Hi-Fi’s highly specialized AI technology creates smooth transitions and crossfades between songs. It also can stitch ads, news updates and other audio content into music as it plays. The overall effect can make digital music services sound a lot more like live radio stations.


“Broadcast radio seems like a dinosaur, but it actually has many desirable features for streaming services,” said Zack Zalon, co-founder and CEO of Super Hi-Fi. “There is no technology to bridge those silos, so that’s what we set out to build: an AI with the same depth and dexterity as a human DJ.”


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