Top Tips to Engage Primary Pupils in Music Lessons




More so than ever, in recent years the focus on attainment and ‘teaching to the test’ has resulted in creative subjects being pushed to the peripheries of the education curriculum. A recent proposal by Ofsted, however, which looks at broadening the curriculum and inspecting the way lessons are delivered, has the potential to introduce these subjects back into the classroom and encourage pupils to embrace their creative flair.


Despite the educational funding crisis and workload pressures that you read about in the headlines, Glenn Carter, year 5 teacher and history lead at Ingleby Mill Primary School, wants to help inspire and educate the future generation. The first thing about engaging students, particularly primary school students, is creating memorable and enjoyable lessons. Teaching music can be a difficult task, and it’s important to find new and exciting ways to inspire the children to think about music on a wider scale and incorporate creativity and imagination into the core subjects. Using a Promethean ActivPanel as a focal point within the classroom, Glenn regularly creates songs and melodies with the help of his class to aid the children in remembering important information or difficult topics.


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