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From Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to online streaming, experiencing art is now much more than just visiting a gallery. Museums and galleries are using technology to create experiences that would help viewers engage with art and its creators.

L’Atelier des Lumières, Paris’ first ever digital museum of fine art.  Using state-of-the-art visuals and audio, artwork by Gustav Klimt’s are projected (using 140 laser video projectors) on to (and across) 10-meter-high walls over the vast 3,300 square meter surfaces of the renovated 19th-century building.

Another example is the Tate Modern and HTC Vive which unveiled an integrated virtual reality experience, re-imagining Modigliani’s studio in Paris. Titled The Ochre Atelier, the show was a result of five months of mapping and diligent historical research. With the help of nine headsets, viewers could experience the space where one of 20th century’s greatest artists worked in the final months of his life.

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