When STEM Becomes STEAM, We Can Change The Game




The arts have always been a haven for the otherwise marginalized, and arts education connected to STEM can open many possible doors.


When we start to look, natural overlaps and places of connection between the arts and STEM are everywhere – and always have been. As Dr. Jenny Nash, Head of the Education Solutions Design Team at LEGO Education, told me, “A baker uses chemistry. A chemist develops the makeup, and a computer animator designs the on-screen special effects used in the blockbuster movies we see in theaters. Experiencing STEAM subjects in an integrated way is more authentic and representative of the world we’re preparing students to enter.”


The Mind Over Music program at the Phoenix Symphony in Arizona is cut from the same cloth. Their program, which pairs symphony musicians with classroom teachers and helps students integrate music into STEM, is reaping huge benefits. Average annual results show that when compared to control groups, Mind Over Music students score significantly higher in science and math compared with students who don’t participate.

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