Why Art Was Added to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education

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For many years, STEM education was the hot topic, but these days it’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education. So why was art added to STEM education in schools, at-home DIY kids, and crafting books? Read on to learn why, for six reasons art benefits STEM education, and how parents can encourage STEAM learning at home.
STEM was first mentioned in the 1990s, says Jackie Speake, Ed.D., STEM education consultant and author of Designing Meaningful STEM Lessons. The concept “spread like wildfire through the educational landscape,” she says.

So, what about that “A”?

Artist and author John Maeda, former president of Rhode Island School of Art and Design, was the first champion of adding the arts to STEM and growing the acronym to STEAM. “There is great power in these fields [design and technology] taken separately, and even more when they are put together,” he wrote in a 2013 op-ed for Seattle Times
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