Why Scientists Benefit from an Arts Education




In 2015, there were over nine million workers who occupied STEM-based careers, up over 5% from the previous five years. Additionally, the STEM field is the fastest growing job sector and is estimated to have similar high growth for the next ten years.


A STEM education is highly critical to your children enjoying a lucrative and successful career in the future, but focusing on only STEM skills in school is not enough. Incorporating an arts education is essential in teaching children soft skills that are necessary for their future careers in science-centric fields.

Arts education includes subjects like theater, music, drama, creative writing, sculpting, and painting. Integrating arts into a curriculum, as the STEAM philosophy does, plays a critical role in preparing students for success in more technical fields, including science. Arts can help to:

  • Enhance creativity
  • Build confidence
  • Foster visual learning
  • Introduce decision-making skills
  • Teach perseverance


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