How TMP benefits students and their families




Who is Texas Music Partners?

Texas Music Partners (TMP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a Creative Learning Initiative (CLI) Arts Provider with MINDPOP.


We offer our programs, at no cost, to the learning institutions that use our services so we can reach more kids.


Our goal is to plant a seed in each student to find a creative passion and have these passions manifest into interesting careers, avocations, or hobbies related to music, the arts, or just the next generation of creative thinkers, music lovers, and patrons.  Having a creative passion makes life more rich and rewarding.  Learning to stay creative can help our students not only succeed in school but also when they enter tomorrow’s rapidly changing workforce.


Our Programs

Texas Music Partners accomplishes our mission in different ways:

STEAM Courses



Using the STEAM approach to education, TMP shows elementary, middle school, and high school students how to create projects with digital devices so students can use their creativity and technical ability to create fun projects.  These projects can turn into passions, which, in turn, can turn into careers for the next generation of artists, engineers, software developers, videographers, photographers, DJs, producers, etc.


Live Music in the Schools



The Live Music in the Schools program teaches students about different styles of music, its history, and the artists that made them popular.  We then bring in professional musicians to perform for them to see how musicians work together as a team.  We also encourage students to learn to play music by signing up for band, orchestra, or choir.

Note: This program is ready to go, but due to lack of funding it is currently on hold.


Thinking Outside the Box



TMP also has a group of courses called Thinking Outside the Box.  These courses help middle school and high school students think positively and keep creativity in their career decision and thought processes to compete with the rest of the world and a rapidly changing job market.


Getting students interested in music, the arts, technology is a great way to help ensure they stay in school and have a goal. Texas Music Partners wants to enhance our students’ curiosity and get them interested in choosing a fun, creative future in school, whether it is band, orchestra, choir, theater, math, science, English, etc.



Giving back to the community

The Austin area is a hotbed of music and many of the local musicians do not make a lot of money playing gigs, exclusively.  Under adult supervision, students have an opportunity to interface with the Austin music community and practice photography and videography, in a family-friendly environment.  This will give them an opportunity to hone their skills while offering the finished product back to the musicians, to help promote their music.





What Do These Projects Offer (How Deep is the Rabbit Hole)?

Texas Music Partners not only teaches kids creative projects, but these projects also help students and their families by doing the following:

  • Helps students channel their creativity.
  • Helps at-risk students by offering something that might interest them and work towards by staying in school.
  • Keeps the creative process in mind, when choosing a career.
  • Our STEAM courses help students develop creative teamwork and problem-solving skills to keep up with the rapidly changing challenges of the future job market they will be walking into.
  • Brings families and friends together with outings to see and record live music.
  • Helps local businesses that support live music with these family outings.
  • Helps promote local live music – Introducing youth to what live music has to offer, can get them excited about band, orchestra, choir, or musical theater while helping keep the “Live Music Capital of the World” stay strong for generations to come.
  • Helps students meet and talk with live musicians, under adult supervision, to enhance creativity.
  • Shows the student how to pay it forward by having them offer pictures, or a video back to musicians to help them promote their band.


Why is this important?

It is important to reach out to kids at an early age and show them fun activities they can do during their elementary, middle school, and high school years.  These experiences can help open a student’s creative thinking to do better in school, as well as suggesting career options.  This will help them stay focused and in school while increasing their chances of attending a college, or university afterward.  Getting students interested in band, orchestra, choir, theater, English, math or science will help develop their minds and learn lifelong skills while fostering a positive experience of making friends and sharing common interests.