Creative Teacher Training Program

Creative Teacher Program

Next Session Starts January 8, 2024
Accepting Applications Now through November 17, 2023


What is the Creative Teacher Training Program?

The Creative Teacher Training Program is a one-semester program where college students (junior – graduate), looking to be teachers in the K-12 system, get an opportunity to teach STEAM education courses at after-school programs, twice a week, under an experienced teacher/mentor.  This program is free to up-and-coming teachers.


Teaching Opportunity

TMP is offering a free experiential training program for education students in their junior through graduate years in school.  This opportunity is free to students who apply and who have been accepted to attend this program.


What You Must Complete During the Semester Program

  • Must have fingerprint/background check prior to start. TMP can help with that.
  • Successfully complete 2-weeks training before teaching begins.
  • Teach at a school’s after-school program, 2 days a week, for 1 semester. Each candidate must attend and teach all classes that semester, for that school.
  • Attend weekly 1-hour video sessions with your teacher/mentor.
  • Be evaluated by your teacher/mentor



  • You must be a student upperclassman (junior/senior), or graduate student planning to teach K-12 education.
  • Apply and pass a fingerprint/background check, at the student’s expense, prior to the start of the upcoming semester.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Must be responsible to attend every class for the semester.


Upon Successful Completion

  • The student will receive a certificate of completion from Texas Music Partners.
  • The student will receive a letter of recommendation when they are ready to look for a job.
  • Those students who excel and are recommended by their teacher/mentor may have an opportunity to continue as a contract teacher for pay.  This will be dependent upon budget and demand by schools.


To Apply

Fill out an application by going to



Q. Do I have to teach music?

A. No, we are using music as a foundation. We have other programs that deal directly with music. These courses deal with STEAM education.  We may, however, take you out of your comfort zone and expand your abilities to do different things with the arts and technology (tablets).


Q. Is this really a free program?

A. Yes, we wish to offer students who want to teach an opportunity to get experiential training at no cost to them, under the mentorship of an experienced teacher.


Q. What 2 days will I be teaching?

A. We teach at schools on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday. If invited, you will teach at a school on either of those 2 days (M/W or T/Th).


Q. What times will I have to teach?

A. These are after-school programs so you will pick up your group anywhere between 3:30 – 5:00 PM. You will be there between 60-90 minutes and drop the students off with the site coordinator. This generally shouldn’t be a problem with your regular classes.


Q. Why must I be accepted to attend this program?

A. We hope to expand this program further and we anticipate it to be a popular program. Candidates must first apply and we will choose those who best fit our criteria to join us for that semester. If you don’t get in the first time, you may apply again.  We have limited spots and will have more candidates than spots.