How Live Music in the Schools Align with TEKS


Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


Music Workshop and Live Performance

The Live Music in the Schools program was developed to offer a unique experience to the student by exploring the history and influences different styles of music had on society, to understand musical terms and to bring in professional musicians so the students can experience the excitement of a live performance and how the music felt like to the people who experienced it.  The intended result is to show how music influenced societies and to encourage students to try band, orchestra or choir.  For older students, they would be encouraged to continue band, orchestra or choir.  Students would also be encouraged to go see live performances, with family and friends, to immerse themselves in music and help continue central Texas’ vibrant live music scene.


Students will be instructed and expected to exhibit audience etiquette during a live or recorded performance.


Students may be required to move hands and/or feet together with songs in a rhythmic fashion, or sing songs to participate in the musical experience.



Live Music, Q&A Course

The Live Music, Q&A course is designed to be a live performance and research class for students who are interested in music as a career pathway for middle school and high school students.  Instead of providing the music workshop, the Live Music, Q&A course provides a live performance by professional musicians and offering student/mentor Q&A time during the session.  Students interested in investigating a music career can ask experienced professional musicians career development questions pertaining to their research on investigating careers.