STEAM Courses

Techology and Music

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Our STEAM courses are where the T in technology and the A in arts are put into play in STEAM.  Students spend too much time using smartphones and tablets for entertainment only and many don’t realize what powerful tools these “gadgets” are.  Texas Music Partners uses tablets to show students other things that can be done with these devices and still have fun!

TMP’s STEAM courses include


Music photography and music video


One-day Courses for Grades 3-12

These are not just the same courses for 3rd grade as they are for 12th grade.  We raise the bar for each level of education.

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Elementary STEAM courses

3-4 week Courses for Elementary School

(Pick 2 for a 7-8 week session)



Middle school STEAM courses

3-4 Week Courses for Middle School

(Pick 2 for a 7-8 week session)



  • Each course lasts 45 min. – 1 hr. two days a week.
  • Each school may pick one 7-8 week program per school year so we can give other schools a chance.

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Elementary School

Middle School


Photo & Video ExamplesQuality photographs and videos

For examples of some quality music photos and videos, click here







End of School Year Photo and Video Party Photo and video party


Teachers, for those of you who have partaken in our photo and video courses, we encourage you to have your students go out with their families and friends to hear live music and to take pictures and videos.  If you see any results with potential, we ask you to submit them to us.  We will post them on YouTube and if we have enough entries, we will host a party in May or June to present these entries to the public.  We need at least 30 photos, and 10 videos to make it worthwhile, so let’s get those projects started!


For those teachers who created an in-school project, feel free to submit those projects so others can see your creativity, and your students’ creativity as well.