Intro to DJing on a tablet

(Technology, Music)

Boy chair dancing to a song

Recommended Audience: 4th – 6th grade

Class size: About 15 students

Offered: In-school, or after school

Duration: Eight 45-60 minute sessions (twice a week for 4-weeks)

Prerequisites: None



In this course, students learn to explore the different styles of music that DJs play, how to use a virtual DJ console, and simple effects used by DJs.  This is an exploration course to get students interested in what DJs do and how they do it.


In this course the student will learn:

  • What is a DJ?
  • What kind of DJs are there?
  • See and hear talented child DJs
  • Let’s explore popular songs and different styles of music
  • How to use DJ Studio 5 on a tablet
  • What is a Segue [seg-wey] and how to use them
  • How to incorporate effects into your music


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