Examples of Quality Videos and Photos


Here are some examples of what to expect when shooting photos and videos of bands.  These are some of the better quality examples without the red aura produced by stage lights and backdrops that are so common on most stages.


These examples are done by people of all ages.  As we teach more classes and get more submissions from the students, we will be showing off better examples on YouTube and our Facebook page.



El Pistolero – Patricia Vonne & Alex Ruiz

Cindy Blackman – A very artistic music promo for Cindy Blackman as an artist.  Cindy was the drummer for Lenny Kravitz and is married to Carlos Santana.

Toby Lee – With Ronnie Baker Brooks @ bluesheaven.dk in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Fortunate Son – Gumbo Ya Ya

Rhoda  – Tamasha Africana

Good Day for the Blues – Malford Milligan Band



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