Make a Monthly Donation

Hey donors, we’re your biggest fans!  You help us make a difference with your generous gifts and show us that you believe in our mission.  We appreciate all our donors because frankly, we can’t do this without you.


Making a one-time gift is greatly appreciated, but please consider an affordable monthly gift.  Becoming a monthly donor does a great deal more to help us accomplish our mission and you will barely notice it.


Here is an example:

Mrs. Joan Public makes an annual gift of $50, but Mrs. Jane Smith makes a monthly gift of only $10.

Annual Gift
Mrs.  Public $ 50
Mrs. Smith $120


By giving just $10 a month Mrs. Smith has more than doubled Mrs. Public’s gift enabling TMP to do much more while making a very small impact on Mrs. Smith’s budget.  Of course, increasing your recurring donation only compounds the good that can be accomplished and a recurring payment can be changed or canceled at any time.


What Your Gift Accomplishes

The average cost of a student attending a TMP class: $8.40

The average cost of a student attending a TMP performance: $2.44


Think of how much you would pay to take a course, or attend a concert?  If you donated just a portion of that amount, you would be impacting many more students.


Make Your Gift Go Further

Do you work for a company that offers matching gifts? Many companies sponsor a matching gifts program and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. If your company offers a matching gifts program, your contribution to Texas Music Partners could be doubled, or even tripled.


Donating Online

If you wish to donate online, click on the donate button in the upper right–hand corner of the page.

If you are looking at this on your phone, the donate button is below the text (keep scrolling).


Check the “Make this a monthly donation” box if you wish to become a monthly member.  You can change, or cancel a recurring payment anytime in your PayPal account settings.


We are also set up on Amplify Austin if you wish to make your online donation that way.  Just click on the icon below to donate.

Donating by Mail

If you wish to send a check, please make checks payable to Texas Music Partners and mail to:


Texas Music Partners

P.O. Box 299

Kyle, TX 78640


TMP’s Moving Forward List

For those people who would like to donate to something specific, TMP has a list of items we need to purchase for different programs we are trying to get off the ground or expand upon.  Click here to see what equipment is needed and how you can help.



You make all the difference!  We’d like to thank all our current sponsors, donors and volunteers.  Visit our Thank You page



As always, we appreciate and thank you for your support!