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Our Mission

Our mission is to:

To combine music, the arts, and the STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and, Math) to learning. Our goal is to help students succeed in school and find a creative passion.

To plant the seed of creativity in a student’s mind. Creativity helps our students think outside the box and stay creative.  Encouraging creativity helps them problem solve through school and as an adult.

We do this by promoting music: on its own, through other arts, and through academics. Our goal is to show students how to think positively and learn from life’s challenges. This will allow our students to gain experience and succeed as they get older.  Learning from these experiences will continue to help them succeed when they enter tomorrow’s workforce.



Schools, Schedule Your TMP Courses for Spring Semester 2020-21


We’re in the midst of the 2020-21 school year.  COVID-19 has made this year interesting at the very least. Texas Music Partners has moved our courses online so we can continue to reach your students in a district-approved, COVID-19 safe way.


Partner With Us

For those schools partnering with TMP, we have 8-week spring sessions still available.  These courses are usually taught after school but can be taught during the day, as well.

If your school is interested in partnering with us, contact us to schedule your spring semester session.


Individual Courses

If any schools are interested in our individual courses, we have those too.  Our single session individual courses include:

Technology & Music

  • Taking Powerful Photos of Musicians (1 session) Grades 3-8
  • How to Make a Music Video (1 session) Grades 5-8

Thinking Outside the Box

  • Creative Careers (1 session) Grades 8-12
  • Breaking Down Large Projects (1 session) (non-music) Grades 5-12
  • Breaking Down Large Projects (1 session) (UIL-music) Grades 7-12 (suggested for spring semester)
  • Staying Positive Through Challenging Times (1 session) Grades 8-12

For more information on our program, individual courses, and how to sign up click here or on the picture above.



Amplify Austin Day – March 4-5, from 6 PM – 6 PM

Texas Music Partners will once again be participating in Amplify Austin Day. Amplify Austin Day is a day of giving through I Live Here I Give Here to help raise funds for over 750 nonprofits in the central Texas area. Amplify Austin Day takes place on March 4-5 from 6 PM to 6 PM. Early giving has already started. If you wish to make a donation to TMP or help us fundraise, feel free to do so by going to https://www.amplifyatx.org/organizations/texas-music-partners.

This year we will be raising money for tablets and equipment for our teachers. This will allow them to come into the schools to teach our central Texas students. Each teacher kit costs about $3,000. This equipment provides everything the teacher and student need to successfully take our courses.

TMP provides STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to students to help them prepare for the demands of our future job market. STEAM adds a creative component to STEM. Being able to think more creatively will allow our kids to be successful and help keep this country’s future workforce the most sought after in the world!