Texas Music Partners


Our Mission

Texas Music Partners’ (TMP) mission is to:

Show kids how to use creativity, technology, and music to help students succeed in school and find a creative passion.

To plant the seed of creativity in a student’s mind. Creativity helps our students think outside the box and stay creative.  Encouraging creativity helps them learn to problem solve through school and as an adult.

We do this by promoting music: on its own, through other arts, and through academics. Our aim is to show students how to think positively and learn from life’s challenges. This will allow our students to gain experience and succeed as they get older.  Learning from these experiences will continue to help them succeed when they enter tomorrow’s workforce.


We offer our programs, at no cost, to the learning institutions that use our services so we can reach more students.


We’re Getting Ready for the 2021-22 School Year


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Schools, Partner With Us This Year (it’s free!)

We’re back in the classroom this year and Texas Music Partners is excited to be working with our schools again.  We have a few schools partnering with Texas Music Partners and are looking for some more schools to partner with to bring STEAM education and music into their classrooms.

If your school is interested in partnering with us, you can get more information here.

To sign up for our partnering program click here.


TMP’s 7-8 week Program (during/after school) STEAM courses

Here is our 8-week program schedule for the 2021-22 school year.  Classes are 2 days a week.

Session 1: August 23 – October 14, 2021  (M/W & T/Th) Booked – (M/W & T/Th)

Session 2: October 18 – December 16, 2021 (M/W & T/Th) Booked – (M/W & T/Th)

Session 3: January 10 – March 3, 2022 (M/W & T/Th)

Session 4: March 21 – May 12, 2022 (M/W & T/Th) Booked – (T/Th); M/W is currently open

If you need some leeway on the dates, the spring semester is much more forgiving than the fall semester.  If you need to work with us on scheduling courses, feel free to contact us at info@texasmusicpartners.org.


Individual Courses

If any schools are interested in individual courses, we have those too.  Our 1-2 session individual courses are included in the following programs

1.  STEAM Program

Sign up here


2. Live Music in the Schools

We have been promising our Live Music in the Schools programs for a while now and we have the funding for a limited run this year.  Be sure to sign up before all the spots are taken!

  • Live Music in the Schools (Workshop & Performance) (2 sessions) Grades 3-12
  • Live Music in the Schools (Performance & Q&A session) (1 session) Grades 6-12

Sign up :

Elementary School
Middle School/High School


3.  Thinking Outside the Box

  • Creative Careers (1 session) Grades 8-12
  • Breaking Down Large Projects (1 session) (non-music) Grades 5-12
  • Breaking Down Large Projects (1 session) (UIL-music) Grades 7-12 (suggested for spring semester)
  • Staying Positive Through Challenging Times (1 session) Grades 8-12

Sign up here

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


Texas Music Partners Working With Perez Elementary’s Summer School Program


Student learning on a tablet 01




Texas Music Partners spent a portion of the summer working with the summer school program at Perez Elementary School.  TMP taught a new course that was a big hit with the students called Creating a Digital Collage with a Tablet (music theme).  The students did a great job and really put some thought into their projects.  Thank you Ms. Rhonda Jones for giving us the opportunity to work with Perez elementary.