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Our Mission

Using music as a foundation, Texas Music Partners helps children find their lifelong creative passion while empowering young thinkers to take innovative approaches to problem-solving and gain confidence in themselves as they grow into adulthood.


We do this by promoting music: on its own, through other arts, and through academics. Our goal is to show students how to think positively and learn from life’s challenges. This will allow our students to gain experience and succeed as they get older.  Learning from these experiences will continue to help them succeed when they enter tomorrow’s workforce.


FREE: We offer our programs at no cost to the learning institutions that use our services so we can reach more students.


Texas Music Partners' 3rd Annual Spring Fling Party.
May 5th from 2-5 PM

Come out to Little Woodrow’s, South Park Meadows, on May 5th, for an afternoon of music, food and fun!  This event is family-friendly and dog-friendly!

This event is FREE!



Schools, It’s Time to Plan Your Courses and Performances With Texas Music Partners!  Fall Semester will be here before you know it!


Teacher & students with tablets

1-2 Day Courses

1.  STEAM Program

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2. Live Music in the Schools

Our Live Music in the Schools program shows students the different styles of music that contributed to the music they are listening to now.  We then bring in professional musicians to perform for them.

  • Live Music in the Schools: in-school (2 sessions: Workshop & Performance) Grades 3-8
  • Live Music in the Schools for after-school programs (1 session: Performance) Grades 3-12
  • Live Music in the Schools with Q&A (1 session: Performance & Q&A session) Grades 6-12

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Elementary School
Middle School/High School


3.  Thinking Outside the Box

  • Creative Careers (1 session) Grades 8-12
  • Breaking Down Large Projects (1 session) (non-music) Grades 5-12
  • Breaking Down Large Projects (1 session) (UIL-music) Grades 7-12 (suggested for spring semester)
  • Staying Positive Through Challenging Times (1 session) Grades 8-12

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


7-8 Week STEAM Sessions



Texas Music Partners offers 7-8 week STEAM courses for in-school residencies and after-school programs.  Each session includes 2, 3-4-week courses to allow students to try new and creative things that might spark a passion, a career, or a hobby.

Our Current STEAM Courses (3-4 weeks each)

  • Creating a Digital Collage
  • Creating a Podcast
  • Intro to Editing Photos of Musicians
  • DJing with a tablet


What is STEAM Education?


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Elementary School Program

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Live Music in the Schools


Live Music in the Schools

Our Live Music in the Schools program is underway and we are ready to perform for your school!  This year’s theme is History of the Blues, Part II (post-WWII to the present).  We will come in and show students how the blues started incorporating electric instruments, after WWII, and how the style progressed to the present.  Then, that Friday, our professional musicians will come to perform for your school.


A few dates are still available!


Schedule your live performance!

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