How to Create a Podcast – I

(Technology, Digital Media – audio)   How to Make a Podcast I

Recommended Audience: grades 3-6

Class Size: around 15 students

Offered: in-school, or after school

Duration: Classes are, two days a week for 3-4 weeks, depending on program length.

Prerequisites: None


More kids are jumping on the podcast bandwagon either through school or on their own.  How to Create a Podcast – I shows students what a podcast is and explains a few different types of podcasts while letting students use their imagination to create their own podcasts individually and in groups, using a tablet.  Students will also be introduced to editing their podcast to make it sound more professional.


Topics include:

  1. What is a podcast?
  2. Why listen to a podcast?
  3. What hardware do you need to make a podcast?
  4. What software do you need to make a podcast?
  5. Four basic types of podcasts: Interview, Storytelling, Informative, & Theatrical.
  6. Three steps to making a podcast: Preparation, Record podcast, Edit Podcast.
  7. How to make your voice more animated.
  8. How to edit out mistakes and dead air.


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