TMP Moving Forward List

Help by Making a Purchase from our Moving Forward List



For those people who would like to donate to something specific, Texas Music Partners has a list of items we need, to further our impact on students.  In order to reach more students, we need to fund our programs but we also need equipment to expand and to initiate new programs.  Here is a list of needed items that we like to call the Moving Forward List.  We invite you to check out these items and help us obtain the necessary equipment needed to increase our impact.


Description Program How many? Cost each  Ext. Cost Where to Purchase
Microphones (Shure SM58) Music in the Schools 5 $100.00 $500.00 Guitar Center
Speaker Cables (25 ft.) Music in the Schools 2 $35.00 $70.00 Amazon
Microphone Stands Music in the Schools 4 $90.00 $360.00 Amazon
50″ Microphone Stand Bag (Single compartment) Music in the Schools 1 $25.00 $25.00 Amazon
Hand Truck Music in the Schools 1 $140.00 $140.00 Harbor Freight
Shure BLX14/SM31 Wireless mic Lecture Series 1 $330.00 $330.00 Amazon
*Tablets (refurb) 7″ -OR- STEAM Courses 20 $40-80+ eBay
*Tablets (refurb) 8″ STEAM Courses $60-$100+ eBay
Headphones STEAM Courses 20 $14.00 $280.00 Amazon

Even if we are in need of 20 pieces of a certain item, feel free to purchase as many as you are comfortable with.  1 piece, 5 pieces, or the whole lot.  Anything helps and we appreciate whatever assistance you can offer in helping us accomplish our mission of adding creativity and the arts to STEM education (STEAM).


*Tablets:  We are looking for quality used or refurbished tablets from 2013 or later.  The preferred tablets are 7” or 8”.  This is so that students can learn on a smaller tablet, which translates easier to a smartphone if that is what they end up using.  Also, taking pictures with a smaller tablet is more stealth, as a courtesy to others trying to enjoy a musical show.


The tablets we are looking for are:

7” Tablets ($40-$80+)

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
  • Lenovo Tab 7 Essential
  • ASUS Google Nexus 7, 2nd Generation (or any Nexus 7 after 2013) This is our tablet of choice.
  • ASUS ZenPad C7
  • Dragon Touch Y88X Pro, 7″ Tablet
  • Dragon Touch M7, 7″ Tablet

Here is a filtered search link for 7” tablets on eBay


8” Tablets ($60-$100+)

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 8″ Tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab3, 8″ Tablet
  • ASUS ZenPad S8
  • Lenovo Tab 2, A8-50, 8″ Tablet
  • Lenovo Tab 3, 8″ Tablet
  • Lenovo Tab 4, 8″ Tablet
  • Lenovo Yoga 3, 8″ Tablet
  • NVIDIA Shield K1, 8″ Tablet

Here is a filtered search link for 8” tablets on eBay