School Partnering Program


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Partner With Us!

Texas Music Partners invites schools to partner with us and enjoy the greatest benefit in technology and music education.  Think of it as a sustaining membership at no cost to the school!  Partners also get scheduling priority, so sign up now!


One of Texas Music Partners’ goals is to show students how to creatively combine STEAM education and music, but there is more to it than that. TMP also tries to offer students ways to find a creative passion, to continue to stay creative through that passion, and keep a positive mindset through good times and challenging times.


The best way to share these messages is to reach students every year, through their educational development, and offer a variety of projects and courses students can try and get a feel for.  Texas Music Partners has always tried to partner with central Texas schools, which should be evident as “Partner” is in our name.  Now we have a partnering program specifically to address these goals.


Our Courses are Free

Since Texas Music Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our courses are free to schools during the school year.  We are currently offering an 8-week partnering program to all elementary schools in the area and plan to expand our partnering program to middle schools and high schools in the near future.  Don’t forget, we have individual courses as well (schedule an individual course here).  Middle schools and high schools are invited to check out our Thinking Outside the Box courses.


School Districts we cover:

Austin ISD Manor ISD
Del Valle ISD Pflugerville ISD
Eanes ISD Round Rock ISD
Hays CISD San Marcos CISD
Lake Travis ISD

We also offer courses to charter and private schools in the same areas.


To partner with TMP all a school has to do is agree to bring us on campus to teach the following courses each year.


Elementary School Program

*indicates required courses to keep agreement active

Technology and Music


In-School, or after school courses

One 45 minute course.  Best for music or art classes, in-school.

  1. *Taking Powerful Pictures of Musicians (grades 3 and up)
  2.   How to Make a Music Video (grades 5 and up)

After school courses

60-minute classes.

  1. *Taking Powerful Photos of Musicians (1 class)
  2. *Intro to Editing Photographs
    1. Grades 4-6
    2. Prerequisite – Taking Powerful Pictures of Musicians
    3. Eight classes in four weeks
  3. *Intro to Being a DJ Using a Tablet
    1. Grades 4-6
    2. Prerequisite – none
    3. Eight classes in four weeks


Live Music In The School


45 minutes each.  In-school only, for grades 3 and higher (limited dates available)

  1. *Music Workshop – One class per grade (up to 3 classes in one day, back-to-back)
  2. *Live Performance – One Performance


Thinking Outside the Box


One 45 minute course.  In-school or after school course (optional)

  1. Breaking Down Large Projects (grades 5 and up)

This is a great class for 5th-grade students who are faced with a large project but don’t know how to approach them.


Program cost = $4,000

School cost = $0


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Click here to register for the 2020-21 school year partnership program.  We’ll contact the person(s) you assigned to schedule these courses.



Middle School and High School programs coming soon.